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Concealed Carry Gear and Accessories

Whether you’re on the job or interested in personal protection, CCW gear from Propper is designed for comfort, convenience, and maximum responsiveness when a threat arises. Our concealed carry gear and apparel is made for members of the armed forces, first responders, law enforcement officers, civilian tactical enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to be armed for their own safety.

CCW accessories include men’s and women’s short- and long-sleeved polo shirts, which are ultra-comfortable without sacrificing range of motion or flexibility. Propper men’s and women’s pants are also designed for maximum comfort and functionality, offering protection against the elements, whether you're on duty or on a weekend camping trip.

EDC Gear and Accessories

Our EDC accessories, including knives and LED illumination tools, are resistant to rust and wet weather conditions. Discover high-performance knives that are sturdy and reliable, yet lightweight enough for everyday carry. Featuring sleek, attractive designs, these knives are easy to handle and deploy, letting you respond instantaneously and with confidence the moment trouble shows up.

EDC gear includes an assortment of top-quality belts to suit your carrying needs. Made for longevity, toughness, and water resistance, these belts can fit almost any size holster and give you immediate access to your firearm.

Keep your everyday arsenal protected and organized with Propper range bags, which feature padded storage slots for multiple firearms and specialized pockets for all of your range gear. Ergonomically designed for easy carry!

Backpack armor inserts provide crucial protection when you’re in the line of fire. Round out your apparel with CCW fleeces, jackets, and sweaters. All of our products are manufactured to meet the demanding standards of military and law enforcement professionals. Whether you’re on duty or just maintaining EDC protection for yourself and your loved ones, look to Propper for gear that meets your needs and budget.