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Propper Police Plate Carriers & Armor Vests

Police and Tactical officers may face dangerous situations at any time on their shift. They need the best quality products to provide them with protection and security in order to address these threats head on. Propper offers a limited line of high quality police and tactical plate carriers for our nation’s first responders. The Critical Response carrier is a one-size-fits-most police, fire, and EMS plate carrier for emergency use in active shooter situations. Propper also offers the AEGIS carrier which is a tactical officer carrier sized for a custom fit. The AEGIS can accommodate a wide variety of plate curve options and cuts and is meant for longer term wear with reduced bulk and quick release technology. Additionally, Propper’s tactical outer carrier the Legion can accommodate soft ballistic armor in the BALCS military cut or plates for flexibility. All of Propper’s plate carriers for police and tactical officers are GSA compliant and sewn with USA made 100% Nylon 500D material. Propper offers a wide variety of PALS attachment pouches to customize the loadout of these carriers as well.