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Propper Plate Carriers for Correctional Officers

Working at a correctional facility can be a dangerous job. Propper’s plate carriers offer protection you can count on. 

Every correctional facility is different. In some cases you’ll need a more heavy-duty, adjustable, personalized plate carrier system. In others, your tactical gear needs will be more straightforward. The most important thing is that everyone gets the protection they require.

Front and back plate carriers

Lightweight plate carriers fit most users and are easy to grab and go. Propper’s CriticalResponse MOLLE Carrier is an example. It has adjustable shoulder and side straps, with front and back loop fields for identification. 

These are lighter and more compact than other types of plate carriers, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, the best plate carriers are the ones that people actually want to wear. 

Heavy-duty plate carriers

Other tactical vests come with more coverage and features, at a higher price point. For example, the Aegis SAPI armor carrier boasts 500D nylon construction. That means it’s versatile and durable. But its foam padding with 3D mesh backing keeps it breathable – meanwhile, it has a center-line ventilation channel to boost air flow. 

These plate carriers have two-point release systems for added safety. They also come with a variety of pockets and carrying options.  

MOLLE compatibility

All Propper correctional officer plate carriers are designed with the MOLLE system. MOLLE stands for “modular lightweight load-carrying equipment.” You’ll usually find the designation on backpacks or any type of load-bearing equipment. These are heavy-duty nylon rows that have been sewn into the equipment so you can attach gear.

It’s a simple – but effective – way to efficiently carry anything you happen to need. It’s also standard on all U.S. military gear. Plenty of other professions have found it worthwhile, and it’s become nearly universal for tactical gear of any kind. (Look for it on Propper correctional officer gear such as bailout bags). 

Note that Propper offers plate carriers, but that you’ll have to purchase armor plates at another retailer. 

Correctional officer body armor is often essential to keep COs safe. Research about working in corrections shows that correctional officers are involved in violence at alarmingly high rates. Defensive systems can prevent serious injury. 

Additionally, officers can perform their duties more effectively if they feel like they have adequate protection. Working in a correctional facility is a mentally taxing job. COs need to feel personally safe so they can focus on doing their work well. A safer job is a less stressful job.