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  1. Kinetic | Propper Kinetic® Men's Tactical Pant
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  2. Kinetic | Propper Kinetic® Women's Tactical Pant
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Propper Kinetic® Collection


Made for men and women of action who refuse to slow down until their job is done, Propper Kinetic® Collection embodies the essence of energy in motion. Kinetic clothing is designed to move with you through a full range of motion and features our own high-tech NEXStretch® fabric. Law enforcement, military personnel, EMTs, and others charged with public safety can rely on Propper to outfit them in the apparel that they need to do job their job to the fullest capacity as quickly as they possibly can.


All Propper Kinetic clothing is made to move as you move. NEXStretch® is a ripstop polyester-cotton blend that gives as needed and will never tear. Treated with Durable Water Repellent, Kinetic apparel repels liquids and resists stains. Kinetic pants for both men and women feature gusseted crotch construction to allow for maximum acceleration, stride, and flexibility in any direction with ease. All pants offer reinforced knees with room for optional pads and ample side cargo pocket storage with interior dividers. High-performance pants have never been so functional. For a warm-weather alternative with the same tough construction and functional design, the Propper Kinetic shorts are an excellent choice.


With all the fabric features of their pants counterparts, Kinetic shirts are available in long and short sleeve options. A perfect top to any uniform, whether on the streets or at the desk, shirts feature a button-down placket, chest pockets with pen slots, and mic clips for a practical, professional style you can wear every day. Roll up your sleeves with adjustable cuffs and get to work.


Premium Kinetic Performance


After 50 years of service to the US armed forces and law enforcement, Propper continues to innovate and provide the most advanced tactical gear available in today’s market. Harness the power of your own energy in motion with premium clothing from our leading-edge Kinetic collection.