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Propper is proud to support Sheep Dog Impact Assistance with an official corporate partnership. A portion of Propper sales benefits the Sheep Dog organization.

Sheep Dog Impact Assistance (SDIA) is an all-volunteer non-profit group that serves the needs of the men and women serving in our military, law enforcement, fire & rescue and EMS services – a community of people called "Sheep Dogs." For members of SDIA, helping others is a way of life. All members are active duty or retired military and public safety personnel, and the Sheep Dog organization provides an outlet to use their extensive training in their civilian lives. Sheep Dogs believe that service does not stop when a shift or tour of duty ends.

SDIA Primary Missions:

Provide assistance to "Sheep Dogs" (military, law enforcement, fire and other emergency personnel) in times of hardship
Support communities during natural or human-afflicted disasters
SDIA was founded in 2009 by SgtMaj Lance Nutt of the U.S. Marine Corps. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, SgtMaj Nutt felt compelled to use his military training and experience to help others in need. Along with his father and a friend, he led an independent team straight into the heart of the Katrina relief effort. SDIA established its first official chapter in Rogers, Arkansas and has more than 15 independent chapters across the country. Propper partners with Sheep Dog Impact Assistance as the group expands its reach and impact in communities across the nation.

"For our organization, 'helping others is a way of life,' and with Propper's support, our ability to help others will greatly improve," said SgtMaj Nutt, Founder and President of SDIA. "What makes this partnership so perfect is that we are both working towards a mission serving the needs of our nation's military and public safety personnel."

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Sheep Dog Members at SHOT Show

Sheep Dog members at SHOT Show

 Sheep Dog Members in Pilger Nebraska  Sheep Dog Members in Spartan Race
Disaster relief in Pilger, Nebraska Sheep Dog members at the Super Spartan Race in Austin, Texas