Despite the growing number of women in extreme sports and the ranks of law enforcement everywhere, women are still having problems finding the appropriate tactical clothing & apparel they need.

The good news is, Propper has stepped in to fill the gap.

Here is a guide to help familiarize you with the different types of women's tactical pants, so you can find the best tactical pants for you!

Choosing Between Fabrics and Materials

Examples of Common Materials

  • 100% Cotton: 100% cotton is one of the most popular materials used for fabric around the world because it is extremely versatile, durable, and inexpensive.On the other hand, 100% Cotton fabrics are prone to fading, wrinkling, and shrinking.
  • 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester: 1A heavier-weight material blend than cotton, a 60/40 cotton/poly blend is the standard in the law enforcement community. This fabric balances comfort, durability, and color integrity very well while offering added wrinkle resistance.
  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton: Propper is proud to offer Battle Rip®, Propper’s exclusive 65% polyester / 35% cotton blend manufactured in a ripstop weave. This is a modern all-season fabric that is durable, comfortable, and fade-resistant.

Examples of Common Fabric Weaves

  • Canvas Fabric: Canvas is a long-time classic weave made with a simple “plain weave” pattern of “over one, under one” design. Densely woven canvases are durable and have natural water resistance to them - making them great for pants.
  • Twill Fabric: A go-to fabric weave used in many applications, such as denim blue jeans, because it balances comfort and durability. Twill fabrics are made of interlocking yarns by weaving over one yarn and under two yarns. The offset weave shifts over in each row creating a recognizable diagonal pattern that gives the material more strength than something like canvas in equal weight. Twill is also wrinkle resistant by nature and it retains heat more than its ripstop counterpart.
  • Ripstop Fabric: Ripstop fabrics are modern fabrics made using a limitless combination of synthetic materials that are woven into reinforced square patterns. These reinforced squares give the already resilient synthetic materials even greater strength and resilience.

The Best Tactical Pants for Women

Propper Tactical Pants

Propper has stepped in to supply the market with women's tactical clothing. All of our products are intentionally tailored with sleek lines, comfort-fit stretch panels, reinforced stress areas, and all the creature comfort you'd expect from premium brands. Propper’s ability to maintain high-quality standards and affordable pricing has led us to become an industry leader in women’s tactical pants across the globe. Here are a few examples of Propper’s exceptional designs you can find in the market.

Here are a few examples of Propper’s exceptional designs you can find in the market.

Propper Kinetic Women’s Tactical Pants

Bestselling Women’s Pants

The Propper Kinetic Women’s Pant is the future of the tactical pant at an industry-best value. Crafted with a comfortable and flexible 6.5 oz 65% polyester / 32% cotton / 3% spandex ripstop fabric, these pants are built to move with you. In addition to many premium features such as a women’s-fit contoured waistband, ambidextrous cell phone pockets, and reinforced knees with internal openings for knee pads, the added Teflon™ fabric protection repels stains and liquids to ensure you stay clean and dry at all times.

Propper Kinetic Women’s Tactical Pants

Propper Women's Summerweight Tactical Pant

These ultra-lightweight tactical pants are engineered with a moisture-wicking 4.2 oz 94% nylon / 6% spandex ripstop fabric that pulls sweat away from the body and breathes easily. Mesh front pockets provide plenty of storage while also furthering the material’s breathability and quick-dry capabilities by increasing ventilation. Zippered pockets, nylon pocket reinforcements, and the gussets crotch keep all your tools secure and in a comfortable position while you’re on the move.

Propper Women's Summerweight Tactical Pant

Propper Women’s Lightweight Tactical Pant

A go-to Propper staple and long-time classic. The Women's Lightweight Tactical Pant is made with a lightweight 6.4 oz 65% polyester / 35% cotton ripstop and is one of Propper’s bestselling pants for a few reasons. The classic nine-pocket design holds everything from your phone to your multi-tool. The Teflon™ fabric protection repels stains and liquids, and Propper’s innovative “pocket in a pocket” design will prevent you from sitting on your wallet all day long.

Propper Women's Lightweight Tactical Pant

Propper Women’s Canvas Tactical Pant

Propper® Women’s Canvas Tactical Pant is also a long-time classic from Propper. Based entirely on the Lightweight Tactical Pant, this canvas alternative gives users a second, heavier-weight material option, within a proven layout and design.

Propper Women’s Canvas Tactical Pant

Tactical Pants FAQ’s

What is the difference between tactical pants and cargo pants?

Tactical pants differ from cargo pants primarily due to their rugged construction, purpose-built constructions, and use of performance materials. In general, most tactical pants are cargo pants - but most cargo pants can not be classified as tactical pants because they lack the premium features commonly associated with performance apparel.

Are tactical pants supposed to be baggy?

In general, tactical pants should not be baggy. By nature, tactical pants are performance apparel designed to keep operators moving. So, while some pants may be designed to have a “roomy” straight leg design due to their lack of stretch materials, these pants should never be oversized or overly baggy.

What is the purpose of tactical pants?

Tactical pants are performance apparel designed to go beyond the fit and function of other standard apparel options. Most tactical pants are purpose-built with a professional end-user in mind, so pants are designed to meet certain standards for durability, water resistance, colorfastness, and price.


Are there plus-size women’s tactical pants?

Yes! Not only does Propper produce one of the largest selections of women's tactical pants, Propper also produces plus-size women’s tactical pants up to a size 24 waist.

What's the difference between men’s and women’s tactical pants?

Women’s tactical pants are different from men's tactical pants in two main ways 1) Contour waistbands 2) Sizing through the hip & thigh areas. Unlike men’s pants, women’s pants are designed with a contouring waistband designed specifically to fit the curves and natural body shape of women. From there, the sizing and dimensions of the pants through the hip and thighs are also specifically designed to be figure forming and reduce bulk commonly found in straight leg designs used in men’s pants.

Get the Right Clothing for Job

From the front lines to the firehouse, women's pants from Propper are made for performance, function, and comfort. We have met the evolving needs of law enforcement, military, public safety, and security personnel since 1967, and we're committed to producing high-quality purpose-built clothing for those women out there getting the job done.

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