What is one of the most dangerous jobs that you can think of at the present moment? Your mind may have initially raced to those in the military or maybe a police officer. What about firefighters? Even more so, what about wildland firefighters?

When you think of firefighter gear, what comes to mind might be tall boots, a helmet, and a jacket. But what about pants?

Wildland firefighters wear specific flame-resistant (FR) pants made from a para-aramid blend (i.e Kevlar) fabric or meta-aramid blend (i.e.Nomex) fabrics.

Here, we explain more about wildland fire pants and why wildland firefighters wear them to stay safe while fighting flames and saving lives.

Wildland Firefighters

What Are Wildland Firefighter Pants?

The Forest Service first specified a flame-resistant pants for firefighter personnel back in 1974. Since then, the pant materials and general design characteristics have changed, mostly in response to feedback from firefighters asking for more protection from brush & briars while also providing better thermal comfort in hot weather conditions - to reduce heat stress.

Today’s modern wildland fire pants are lightweight, breathable, and inherently flame-resistant cargo pants built to maintain their size, shape, and flame-resistant characteristics even after repeated washings and wears.

Wildland Firefighter Pants

What Are The Features of Wildland Firefighter Pants?

Nomex wildland firefighter pants possess the following features, regardless of the brand:

  • Naturally flame-resistant
  • Adjustable ankle straps for sealing out the elements
  • Deep front slash pockets
  • Large back pockets
  • Side cargo pockets
  • Bar tack stitching on stress points
  • Roomy yet tailored fit

Wildland firefighter pants features

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right wildland firefighter pants is critical. All of our wildland firefighter clothing is made with the level of care forestry workers expect. Intuitive features and quality fabrics are integrated into every garment for unbeatable form, function, and price.

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