What the Experts Say about Our Products

NTOAWe all want to make educated choices. How good is a product, really? Will it last? Will it do what you need it to do? Customer reviews are great, and we appreciate each and every one, even the ones that show us where we need to improve. But where do you, the customer, go to find out what the industry experts are saying about products before you buy? You could take our word for how great our products are, but we have a vested interested in presenting our “good side.” You need an expert opinion. That’s why there are professional organizations that test products in an unbiased way, carefully scrutinizing the quality and value of a multitude of companies’ products to determine the strengths and weakness of each one.

Summerweight Tact Pants

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is one such organization. Started in 1983 by Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s then-Lieutenant John Kolman, the NTOA began as a networking and information-sharing conduit for law enforcement tactical teams across the United States. Today, the NTOA has over 40,000 members and has expanded into a training organization that works with law enforcement professionals in areas such as patrol, crisis negotiation, canine, protective operations, tactical dispatchers and more to improve skill sets and teach new techniques.

In their role as a testing organization, they are an unbiased third party that examines a wide range of tactical gear from many manufacturers to see which products work the best in the field. Using very strict criteria, NTOA field evaluators rate products in 13 categories, from design to durability, in real-world settings and conditions. The evaluators are NTOA members who live and breathe in the tactical environments where the products they test will be used. They are not paid by any product company for favorable reviews.

PoloOver the years, NTOA has tested 40 Propper products. Here are 19 of the products we currently carry. Click on the “Expert Reviews” tab on each page to see what NTOA’s field testers said.